Test Window

The test window displays the questions one at a time. The USCG question and book number are listed in the window title bar. Your progress is listed in the top left (52 of 190) questions. If an illustration is required the View Illustration button is be visible. Clicking it opens the illustration associated with the question.

Click the mouse on the correct answer or type A, B, C, or D at the prompt. If you are using the keyboard, press the enter key to check the answer. Pressing the enter key again moves to the next question.



Test Window Menu


Exit - Close program.


Background Color - Customize the Test Window to your choice of background color.


Font - Customize Test Window text. Font dialog box displays all fonts on your system. Change font, text size, and text color.


Set Default - Sets the window display to the original colors and font.


Remove Question - Use this feature to remove any question from the bank of questions. Example; There are over 100 questions asking the capacity of reciprocating pumps, if you know the math you can skip most of them. Clicking on the menu, removes the question from future tests, and it will not count for score. Questions can be reset using the reset feature explained below.

Reset Questions - When questions are answered correctly they are tagged, and will not appear on future tests. Without this feature you would never get through the questions. To reset the section click on name of the module you whish to reset, a message box is displayed to confirm the reset, click YES to reset.


Displays the number of questions answered correct. The number on the right is the number of questions left to review. See Reset Questions above.

Click To Update - The question status is updated when the window is loaded. If your halfway through a 50 question test and want to get the present status of answered questions, click this menu.


View Help - Opens this help file.


Tip - Use Keyword Search to find questions that are not required for your license grade, and remove them with the Remove Question menu option.  

Example: (inland only) returns all questions containing the text "inland only" in the module selected (Rules of the Road). If you wanted to remove all these questions, run the test by clicking the OK button, then remove the questions one by one using the menu Options Remove Question.