Engineer Limited & DDE

We have made changes to structure of our Engineer Limited training applications. The National Maritime Center released changes implemented by 'Final Rule'.

Chief Engineer Limited - The scope of this license is Oceans. Prior to the Final Rule the Chief Limited license had the scope, Near Coastal or Oceans. Subjects related to testing differed by scope. Chief Limited Oceans subjects included electronics, Near Coastal did not. To conform with the change we have renamed our Chief Limited Oceans to Chief Engineer Limited. Applicants sitting for the Chief Limited license can continue to use the Engineer Limited Oceans or the new Chief Engineer Limited.

Chief Engineer Limited - Limited to 1600 gross tons US, 3000 tons ITC, horse power determined by sea service.

Assistant Engineer Limited / DDE Unlimited HP - Limited to 1600 gross tons US, 3000 tons ITC,

DDE 1000 / 4000 HP - Limited to 500 gross tons US.

Changes to the Chief, Assistant & DDE training application my affect current users. If you purchased the Chief, Asst. & DDE software in the past year it can be returned, address below in exchange for one of the new titles listed above. DVD's require a $15 upgrade to flash drive.

If you have any questions please email or call (401) 556-1955.

Exchange: Include name on original purchase, return address and software title requested.

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