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Important Information

The US Coast Guard has announced once again the removal of all questions and illustrations from the public (USCG Exam Question Notice). I recommend writing your State Representatives regarding Public Law 114–120, 114th Congress. Please express how this will affect the ability of active Merchant Marine sailors to advance. Not everyone can afford to take 2 to 4 years off and pay tuition.

Questions and illustrations were made public in 1988 in response to a request and appeal by Marine Education Text-Books. On July 12, 2010 the US Coast Guard removed exam questions from the NMC web site, once again restricting public access. The National Mariners Association appealed that decision to Coast Guard headquarters. In August 2012, Commandant Adm. Robert Papp’s office granted the appeal.

Sample letter to congress.

Contact your House Representative, http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/

Contact your Senator, http://www.senate.gov/senators/contact/

Application Details

Our USCG exam training software provides a important package for Merchant Marine license training. Many sites offer training for US Coast Guard, Merchant Marine exams. Most training software available contains ALL questions (over 17,000 for deck). If you're sitting for 1600 GT Near Coast why would you want to study subjects for the Master Unlimited exam.

Our Merchant Marine testing software programs contain genuine United States Coast Guard questions painstakingly selected for license grade listed. All applications are on USB flash drive and contain a reference library. Reference books included, check the product listings in menu to the left.

Applications have a stand alone viewer to read and search the reference publications. Illustrations are provided on screen in high resolution displaying detail on large schematics, graphs and illustrations, printing is an option.

The quiz setup wizard easily assists with quiz's, select a module, search by text or random questions. Random quiz choose the number of questions. A print option sends the quiz to your printer and also prints answer key. Answer only displays question and correct answer, toggle any time (Option Menu) to display all answers. Questions answered correct are tagged as to eliminate repeats. Question modules can be reset making all questions available.

The application update utility provides downloads for questions, reference, illustrations and help making sure the application is up to date (one year of updates). Other features include text search, select all questions referring to any illustration, save questions for later review and more. Internet access IS NOT required other than checking for updates.

All software offered is windows based and will run on all windows operating systems, sorry no Macintosh or Android. We also provide in house tech support by email sales@hawsepipe.net or phone (401) 556-1955.

Please let us know how you like our products, comments, remarks to: sales@hawsepipe.net

The Coast Guard has begun working to create government-owned illustrations to replace those that are copyrighted and will publish additional information as that effort progresses.

We will continue to provide illustrations and associated questions as they become available. Please check available updates from the Help Menu in the main application window.

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Info - Apprentice Mate (Steersman) Towing

Merchant Marine Exam Online Testing Center

Free online testing center. Genuine USCG exam questions. The online questions do not include illustrations. These questions are for review and should not be used to study for exams.

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Merchant Marine Downloads

Help file downloads are Windows help files (.chm) help files show application overview and advanced features.

Download - Master / Mate help (874 KB)

Download - Engineer help (816 KB)

Download - QMED help (361 KB)

Download Guide All - This manual provides guidance for examination room proctors and other personnel who actively monitor merchant marine applicants in the exam room.