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Important Information

We have completed the task of sorting the new engineering questions. Software version 5.0 is available for all Engineer applications. Version 5.0 is for the new exams (Final Rule - Sea Time after March 24, 2014). New feature provides selection questions by subjects. Much improved help system provides for all formulas and the most difficult questions. All Engineer applications are now available for New Exams and Old Exams. Selection is provided on the product page at checkout.

Final Rule - Old Exam or New Exam

COMDTPUB 16721, NVIC 02-14, 17 JAN 2014

GENERAL PROVISIONS (d) (Open Full Document)

A mariner who started approved or accepted training or seagoing service before March 24, 2014, and is applying for his or her first raise of grade or original credential after March 24, 2014, may qualify under the regulations in place before March 24, 2014, provided that application is made before March 24, 2019. A mariner seeking a credential
based on approved or accepted training or seagoing service started on or after March 24, 2014, or who applies for an MMC endorsement on or after March 24, 2019, must meet the requirements of these new regulations. A mariner will be considered to have started service on the first day of their service that meets the requirements for the endorsement for which they have applied. Training is considered to have started on the first day of a period of training used to qualify for an endorsement.

Due to volume of questions version 5.0 is not yet available for Deck Exams.

All software offered is windows based and will run on all windows operating systems, sorry no Macintosh or Android. We also provide in house tech support by email sales@hawsepipe.net or phone (401) 556-1955.

Please let us know how you like our products, comments, remarks to: sales@hawsepipe.net

The Coast Guard has begun working to create government-owned illustrations to replace those that are copyrighted and will publish additional information as that effort progresses.

We will continue to provide illustrations and associated questions as they become available. Please check available updates from the Help Menu in the main application window.

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Info - Apprentice Mate (Steersman) Towing

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Merchant Marine Downloads

Help file downloads are Windows help files (.chm) help files show application overview and advanced features.

Download - Master / Mate help (874 KB)

Download - Engineer help (816 KB)

Download - QMED help (361 KB)

Download Guide All - This manual provides guidance for examination room proctors and other personnel who actively monitor merchant marine applicants in the exam room.